The darling community of Netarts home to spectacular headlands and a pristine beach front. Visitors come to Netarts for its unmarred beauty and the invigorating outdoor activities it offers: crabbing, fishing, clamming, whale watching, and even scuba diving. Didn’t get your crab today?  That’s okay, pick a live one from the tank at the historic general store.  Hungry for something else? The Schooner Restaurant serves delicious meals farm to table or sea to table offering something for everyone in your party; carnivore and vegetarian alike. Using only the freshest, local, and seasonal ingredients; it is sure to delight your senses and your taste buds.

Netarts Schooner
Cape Meares Lighthouse

Cape Meares

The astonishingly breathtaking Cape Meares is home to one of the very last stands of native Oregon old growth coastal forest left to man.  Comprised of stunning vertical sea cliffs and rolling headlands of native Sitka spruce and hemlock; it is home to the “Big Spruce” (Oregon’s largest Sitka). Birds of all kinds flock to the vanishing habitat encapsulated within Cape Meares lush, yet rugged environment. Be sure and visit Cape Meares National Wildlife Refuge and spend the day hiking or hitting the beach at nearby Cape Meares State Park.

Cape Lookout

A popular campground and day-use area, Cape Lookout is located on a sand spit between Netarts Bay and the ocean, giving you a terrific view of the ocean with easy access to the beach. Beachcombing is popular here, and the park is reputedly a good place to find glass floats. More than eight miles of hiking and walking trails wind through a lush old-growth forest. The Cape Lookout trail follows the headland for more than two miles. A bench is located at the end of the trail. Enjoy the view! You might see a whale or two along with other wildlife.

Cape Lookout Netarts Lodging
Oceanside Beach Lodging

Oceanside Beach

Located in the center of the community of Oceanside, this park offers some of the best agate hunting during the winter season when the sand is stripped away by ocean currents. During the summer season the park is a popular place to beachcomb, explore tidepools and surf.

The sky above the park is occasionally filled with colorful hang gliders, paragliders and kites.

Sand Lake ATV

One of the most unique experiences on the Oregon coast is riding an ATV on the sprawling sand dunes of Sand Lake. Experience first hand the fun and excitement for the whole family as you explore over one thousand acres of sand.

Sandlake Tsunami ATV Rental is the place to go to start your ATV adventure. They offer quad and jeep rentals and will get you setup with all the necessary equipment and training.

Sandlake ATV
Tillamook Cheese Factory

Tillamook Cheese Factory

Join in on the fun and be one of the million visitors that the Tillamook Cheese Factory sees this year alone. Awarded for producing the “World’s Best Medium Cheddar”, guests from all over the world arrive to learn more about the Tillamook Cheese Factory. The free, interactive, self-guided tour answers all creamery related queries, while giving guests a behind the scenes peak at how their famous cheese is packaged and produced. Afterwards, visitors can enjoy a free sampling of various cheeses to determine their favorites.